Meet the tutors 

Course Founders Jude Davis and Lindsay Woodman were neighbours in the late 1980’s when they lived in the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales. It was here that Lindsay became a ‘doula’ for Jude before they knew the word existed. This was the start of a long and fruitful friendship, which has lead the the creation of this course.

Lindsay Woodman: Aromatherapist, BA, MIFA, LLSA.

Introducing Lindsay by Jude:

Lindsay was inspired by the home births of her four daughters to train as an active birth teacher. Back in the 1980’s when we were neighbours on a remote Welsh hillside, my friend Lindsay was my doula. 
I’ve watched Lindsay’s love of gardening develop into a deep appreciation of the healing and helpful properties of plants.  She trained as an Holistic Aromatherapist with the London School of Aromatherapy and then practiced within a variety of settings including mental health care and hospice at home as well as making natural products. She has always worked with respect and consideration to help clients to find a sense of peace and deep relaxation.
Teacher training enabled Lindsay to create the Welsh School of Aromatherapy.  Later creating and running of the much loved Mermaid Spa, in Portmeirion North Wales, where she was able to employ therapists she had trained to ensure that a high level of individualised care was constantly maintained.  I always admired the lack of generic products or treatments at the spa and Lindsay’s insistence that individualised blends where thoughtfully prepared each time for every client.  
In 2015 we co-founded Aromatherapy for Childbirth course for midwives and other birth professionals. Now in Wiltshire she is an artisan distiller, natural perfumer and formulates therapeutically active scents for organic skin care brand 'Seed to Skin'. She is also an external practical examiner for the International Federation of Aromatherapists, marking aromatherapy schools in UK, Japan, Hong Kong and China.
Lindsay is an engaging and considerate aromatherapist and teacher and I enjoyed working with her.
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Jude Davis: Midwife, RM, BSc, BA.

Introducing Jude by Lindsay:

Jude was 19 when I first knew her. Not long later she asked me to be with her as she had 3 children in her cottage up the road. Youth and confidence in our innate, animal ability to give birth naturally drew us into our own ways of giving birth, in privacy in front of open fires.

Jude wanted to be a midwife, she out of our peer group held this vision. She undertook training to carry out voluntary work as a bereavement counsellor for adults and children, as well as completing doula training to build her CV. She then handled multiple difficulties of balancing mothering, education and finances from an isolated area, single-mindedly working through a nursing then a midwifery degree. She was determined to support other women both as a feminist and simply by holding a deep understanding about women and their ability to give birth.

Jude worked for 5 years in Aberystwyth, followed by 2 in a freestanding NHS Birth Centre in London, before taking on the unique challenge of as midwife for the Isles of Scilly for one year. She has since returned to the birth centre in London.

Jude has written forward thinking articles about her practical knowledge and learning experience in midwifery for several midwifery publications often with an emphasis on my particular interest of facilitating positive and where possible, physiological birth. She also ‘youtubed’ the active birth class which she set up to provide free information for anyone. You can find this at Jude is focused on changing many women and children's worlds. I am excited to be a part in this change while working with my friend.